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Amazon Quiz

Hello Codians, Welcome Back today we are back Again with one Hot Topic Which is Amazon Quiz. Now a days Amazon Quiz is been a Hot Topic as by Just Giving Correct Answers to 5 question User Gets a chance to Win Exciting Prizes of Amazon Pay Balance. Quiz ANSWERS are Also Stated Bellow.So, Be connected with this article till the end to Understand and Grab Maximum Benefit.

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Amazon Quiz is Organised Daily Between 8 AM to 12 PM and User Just Have to Give Correct Answers to The 5 Questions. It’s Completely Based On Luck and If user gets lucky Then user Can Win Free Amazon Pay Balance & Free Gadgets From Amazon India.

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Today’s Prize – Rs. 15,000

Time – 8 AM To 12 PM on 20th November 2020

Number Of Winners – 1

Winners List Will Declare On – 30th November 2020

How To Play Amazon Quiz

1. This Is Amazon App Only Contest.So You have to Download The App First From Google Play Store Or Apple Store.

2. Now Open The Amazon App & Login into Your Account.

3. Now Just Click Here

4. Next Page You Will See “Amazon Funzone – Quiz Time Daily” Banner

Amazon Quiz

5. Click On The Quiz Time FunZone Banner & You Will See All Live Amazon Quiz Page

6. Now Find “Daily Amazon Quiz” and Start the Quiz.

7. It’s Lucky Draw any of you can Win. So make sure to participate. Maybe you could be the next winner

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 30th November – Win ₹15000

1) India’s first roll-on roll-off passenger ferry (Ro Pax) service was launched between Hazira and Ghogha in which state?

Answer– Gujarat

2) Whose record of becoming the year end World No. 1 for six years, did Novak Djokovic equal in 2020?

Answer– Pete Sampras

3) King Rama X is the reigning monarch of which country?

Answer- Thailand

4) Which of these royal titles features in a popular item sold by this company in India?

Answer- Maharaja

5) Which company gets its name from this great scientist?

Answer- Tesla

Amazon Quiz Answers Today – Win Apple iPhone 12(29th November)

1) As of November 2020, ‘One Rank One Pension’ scheme in India benefits which of the following groups of people?

Ans : Armed Forces Veterans

2) Which popular app recently launched UPI payment services in India in November 2020?

Ans : WhatsApp

3) Known in Turkey as Ege Deniz, this arm of the Mediterranean Sea is in the news for a natural disaster. Which sea is this?

Ans : Aegean Sea

4) Which of these games is most likely to be played using the objects shown in the picture?

Ans : Poker

5) Which of these actors is known for voicing this character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Ans : Vin Diesel

Amazon Apple iPhone 12 Quiz Answers(22nd November) 

1) Sean Connery, who recently passed away, appeared as James Bond for the first time in which film?

Ans : Dr. No

2) By what name is Jadav “Molai” Payeng, an activist from Majuli popularly known?

Ans : Forest Man of India

3) The 2022 Cadillac Lyriq is the first electric vehicle from which atumobile giant’s luxury brand?

Ans : General Motors

4) This is a historical painting from which country?

Ans : Egypt

5) This installation features the covers of an iconic magazine, whose controlling interest is held by which global media giant?

Ans : The Walt Disney Company

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 21st November – Win ₹20000

1) How do we better know the No. 222 Squadron based out of Thanjavur of the Indian Air Force, the first squadron equipped with the BrahMos?

Ans : Tigersharks

2) Mesut Yilmaz, who recently passed away, was the former Prime Minister of which country?

Ans : Turkey

3) Which fintech giant recently announced that it would let users “buy, hold, and sell cryptocurrency”?

Ans : PayPal

4) This iconic monument , gives its name to a movie starring which of these actors of the 50s and 60s, in the lead role?

Ans : Pradeep Kumar

5) This is a picture of which legendary ship?

Ans : RMS Titanic

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 20th November – Win mCaffein Kit

1) What asteroid named for the Greek goddess of the soul do astronomers believe may contain over $10,000 quadrillion worth of metals?

Ans-16 Psyche

2) The Sardar Patel Zoological Park is one of the latest tourist attractions in which state?

Ans- Gujarat

3) In ESG funds, if E stands for Environment, S stands for Social, what does G stand for?

Ans- Governance

4) A franchise from Mumbai city recently won its ______ Indian Premier League title. Fill in the blanks

Ans- 5th

5) This fort is located in which Indian city, also known for landmarks such as the Jai Vilas Palace?

Ans- Gwalior

Amazon Quiz Answers of 19th November – Win ₹20000

1) The upcoming Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson stars Colin Farrell as which iconic Batman villain?

Ans- The Penguin

2) The Maharashtra state government has released INR 57 crores recently for ASHA workers. What does ASHA stanActivists

Ans- Accredited Social Health Activist

3) In a match against Inter Milan in November 2020, which Real Madrid stalwart scored his 100th goal for the club?

Ans- Sergio Ramos

4) This smartphone is manufactured by a company from which country?

Ans- China

5) This is a picture of a monument from which city?

Ans- Aurangabad

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